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Girls Victimized More Than Boys

According to a survey by Cyberbullying Research Center, about one-quarter of girls have been cyberbullied in their lifetime while less than 17 percent of boys have. Source: Cyberbullying Research Center.

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When people bully you in any way like cyberbullying, bullying, etc they do it because they want to be or feel more powerful than you. I was bullied before and it was not fun at all, if you have been bullied in any way before, don't be scared they think they are powerful but you are powerful than them. You have to tell somebody or something will go wrong. When I was bullied, she thought that I was talking stuff about like mean words but the truth I didn't, so I told my parents, my teacher, and my principal and after I told them about who's threatened me well she was talking about me. But that's not the first time that I've been bullied, I was in middle school and this girl was just like that other girl who bullied me first I did the same thing but after a week she keeped talking about me, I finally stood up and said " You know what, your words hurt a lot and if you're hurting me than your hurting everyone else around you and I don't like your words that you are saying to me and behind my back." Everyone was freaked out and than she left like I'm done goodbye. I felt a lot better when I said that to her. If you have any questions talk to me I know what's bullying about and what it can do to a person.

June 19, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterKatelyn Rhines

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